“ProHome’s documentation and system saved me over $18,000.00 in insurance claims on one home! This is the whole reason I signed up in the first place, in case something like this happened.”

–Dennis Gonzalez, Builder, Denver, CO

“We found the cost of enrollment into ProHome’s program a tremendous cost savings. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands per year to support our in-house team, we now are saving this amount and are providing our customers with an exceptional level of service.”

— David Ware, President, McStain Neighborhoods, Denver, CO

“ProHome Colorado has helped to set proper homeowner expectations, followed up with the appropriate documentation to reduce our potential risk and improved our profitability.”

–Gale Pipkin, Vice President, Legend Homes, Greenwood Village, CO

“With ProHome Colorado’s support, I feel confident that my homeowner’s needs are being met in a professional and efficient manner…”

–Jim Cobb, President, Cornerstone Homes, Longmont, CO

“Prior to signing on with ProHome Colorado, I had not realized how much time, effort and money was diverted to addressing warranty issues. Now my valuable time can be spent on production and quality control.”

–Rod Alpert, President, Paradise Custom Homes, Elizabeth, CO

“We have utilized ProHome at our Red Rock Country Club in Las Vegas since November, 2002, with a savings of over one million dollars over 30 months.”

–Thomas D. Coyle, Sr, VP, Las Vegas Operations, Sunrise Colony Company, Las Vegas, NV

“We reluctantly endeavored into ProHome’s management of our warranty believing that this would be like many other things in the building industry we had attempted and would eventually leave us in a worse position than when we started.

I was overwhelmingly surprised at our customers’ response to third party warranty management. Not only has ProHome proven to be competent in what they do and manage, but our customers are consistently happier with the outcome than they were when we were in charge of our warranty program. As a building company, it has saved us money, but more than anything it has given us the ability to have good customer relationships and a less frustrated staff. Being a manager and owner of a company requires constant stewardship of your reputation and ProHome has proven time and again that it is worthy of my company’s trust.”

— Aaron Everitt, President, Jamestown Builders, Fort Collins, CO

“As the largest HVAC subcontractor in Wyoming, we have been working with ProHome Colorado through other builder operations for more than three years. We have seen huge cost savings from the organized system of scheduling and follow-up your systems provide. It has enabled us to do more with less manpower, be more responsive and timely in our warranty responsibilities.”

– Edward J. Ernste, Owner/President, AC Mechanical, Inc., Cheyenne, WY

“Since 2009, Pro Home has generously been donating their time to Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley for pre-close, 30 day and 11 month walkthroughs. They show our homeowners where critical shutoffs are, the operation of their home and talk with them about maintenance.”…Read More

–Dan Northcraft, Operations Director, Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley

“We appreciate the help that you provided and would advise anyone that gets involved with any multi-family work that they should consider using ProHome as an independent warranty administrator. The liability protection from your services was a cost savings far and above the fees for your services.” …Read More

–Tom Bailey, Adolfson & Peterson Construction

“I want to tell you how pleased we are with your decision to use ProHome. This process is working to our utmost satisfaction. Thank you Monument Homebuilders, Inc., for your commitment to post-construction repairs.”

–Satisfied Homeowner, WY

“I had a terrible experience with warranty work through my builder. When they hired ProHome Colorado to take care of warranty issues, things changed for the better — to say the least!”

–Satisfied Homeowner, Colorado Springs, CO

“You visited me recently for my 11-month ProHome walkthrough. I want to thank you for your time, and also for your copious help. Solving some of my low-flow plumbing problems and especially taking the time and effort to tape up the falling insulation in my crawl space was really going above and beyond your call of duty. Those tasks, which you might consider minor, have saved me trouble, expense and angst, and I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your help. I wish you well and hope that ProHome treats their employees as well as you treat your clients!”

–Satisfied Homeowner, Laramie, WY