Bill Armstrong

Opened its doors in 2003, is the foremost franchise in the Colorado territory owned and managed by Bill Armstrong.

Bill has a Bachelors Degree in management from the University of North Dakota, and brings a diverse background to ProHome® Colorado. Bill brings years of real world management experience to ProHome.

With heavy emphasis placed on prehiring, screening and interviewing potential team members, ProHome® Colorado has established a team with more than 50 years of combined construction experience. This team provides a rock solid foundation for which ProHome® Colorado is operated.

Long time resident of Colorado, Bill enjoys spending time outdoors with his two daughters including hiking, skiing, biking, their dogs and Red Rocks.

Bill also enjoys drag racing, other motor sports, playing guitar and has hopes his girls will enjoy some of the same.

ProHome was founded in 1983 by local Wichita, Kansas entrepreneurs who identified an opportunity to help new home builders and developers manage the builder warranties more effectively and ensuring buyers have a better buying experience. ProHome’s unique full-service approach, and our broad range of services are designed to save builders and developers time and money, allowing them to focus on the construction, while ensuring their buyers and their brands are supported.

ProHome’s builder and developer focused services have been created with a commitment to providing best-in-class service through a combination of local field agent support, dedicated client service teams, and our proprietary ProHomeLive client management platform. ProHome’s three tier service approach ensures our builders, developers, and their buyers know that we are here to help 24/7/365 reducing stress, confusion and headaches for everyone.

Why ProHome?

Do You . . .

  • Physically Evaluate Every Warranty Claim A Homeowner Makes?
  • Keep Digital Photographic Records Of Warranty Claims?
  • Properly Document Non-Warranty Events To Avoid Bias Litigation?
  • Archive All Homeowner Historical Data For 10 Years?

. . . ProHome Does!

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